Rock Carvings, South Goa

Pansaimol, South Goa

The Rock Art in Pansaimol has been discovered on the right bank of the River Kushvanti. This discovery of rare Stone Age rock carvings at Kajur, Pansaimol has put Goa on the map of Rock Art in India.

The site admeasures about 5000 sq. mts. It gets submerged occasionally during the monsoon. This Rock Art Site is full of carvings, depicting the symbols of fertility cult, religious cosmology, Triskellion, zoo-morphs like Zebu dull, deer, Gaur, scene of mating animals, large animal hoofs, scenes of chasing the animals, animals in sitting posture, bison with wound marks, X-ray type animals etc.

The labyrinth discovered here is currently the earliest evidence for the labyrinth in Asia. The age of this labyrinth is a subject of considerable dispute amongst experts on Indian rock art, but it would certainly seem to date to the Neolithic period, maybe c.2500 BCE, which would make it as old, if not older, than similar early labyrinth petroglyphs in Europe. There is also a dancing figure of a female as well as a newly delivered child along with the placenta.

The Rock Art at this site provides an insight into a section of the faunal world of the region and popular beliefs of the community for their prosperity and fertility of their progeny.

Getting there
Closest City: Margao, 28 kms
Closest Airport: Dabolim, 55 kms
Closest Station: Margao, 30 kms

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